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    This page is dedicated to all the descendants of
    James Sutherland & Ann Bannerman

    1. Ann Sutherland
      born August 22, 1841 Gartymore, Scotland
      died April 29, 1913

    2. John Sutherland
      born March 25, 1843 Gartymore, Scotland
      died 1851 Scotland

    3. Elspeth Sutherland
      born November 13, 1844 Gartymore, Scotland
      died December 23, 1939

    4. Alex Sutherland
      born August 1846 Gartymore, Scotland
      died March 26, 1850 Gartymore, Scotland

    5. James Colin Sutherland
      born March 28, 1848 Kildonan, Sutherland, Scotland
      died July 27, 1905 Ancon, Panama, Central America

      Children | Family photo1905

    6. William Sutherland
      born September 1849 Kildonan, Sutherland, Scotland

    1. Isabella Sutherland
      born August 22, 1853 Gartymore, Scotland
      died May 10, 1927 Helmsdale, Scotland

      Isabella Sutherland Family

    2. Joseph Sutherland
      born September 17, 1855 Gartymore, Scotland
      died October 8, 1856 Gartymore, Scotland

    3. Alexander Colin Sutherland
      born July 13, 1857 Gartymore, Scotland
      died May 13, 1927 Columbia, SC, USA

    4. Robert 'Rob' Sutherland
      born May 13, 1859 Gartymore, Scotland
      died June 10, 1859 Gartymore, Scotland

    5. Thomas Rutherford Sutherland
      born May 13, 1859 Gartymore, Scotland
      died March 3, 1938

    6. Colin Sutherland
      born June 27, 1861 Kildonan, Scotland
      died April 30, 1939

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    Sutherland Old Clan Tartan
    Sutherland Dress Tartan
    Sutherland Dress Clan Tartan
    Sutherland Old Clan Tartan
    Sutherland Dress Tartan
    Sutherland Dress Clan Tartan

    James Colin Sutherland
    Isabella Sutherland
    Alex Colin Sutherland
    James Colin Sutherland
    Isabella Sutherland
    Alex Colin Sutherland
    Was born in Helmsdale, Sutherland, Scotland
    married: Georgina Fraser

    Together they moved from Edinburgh, Scotland
    to St. Andrew's, Toronto, Canada,
    to Bellefontaine, Ontario, Canada
    to Lancaster, Erie Co., New York,
    to Kenova, Wayne Co., West Virginia

    James left West Virginia to work on the construction
    of the Panama Canal.
    On July 27, 1905, James Colin Sutherland
    died in Ancon, Panama due to 'Yellow Fever'.
    Panama Flag
    In the early 1900's the family left West Virginia and moved west
    mostly to Winslow, Arizona. Arizona State Flag

    Many of his boys worked for the Santa Fe Railroad. Sons: John, James aka 'Alex', and Ben eventually moved to California, while Harry, Roy and George remained in Arizona.

    Family photo / Descendants
    This Sutherland family line stayed in Helmsdale, Scotland.

    Isabella Sutherland
    married John Sandison Mathieson

    Scotland Royal Banner

    who is brother to James (left)
    also emigrated to the US. Alex or 'A.C.'
    was also a stone mason.
    His family eventually settled in South Carolina.
    He married Hanorah Conway
    July 30, 1890 in South Carolina

    A.C. is responsible for early repairs done on the Washington Monument, along with the building of several Churches in South Carolina.

    South Carolina State Flag

    Sutherland Family Reunion

    Was Saturday July 29th 2000 in Claremont, CA, USA

    We had a great time! Thanks to all who attended making it an especially fun occasion.
    We look foward to keeping in touch in the future.

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    James Colin Sutherland & Georgina Fraser's

    1. John Fraser Oliver Sutherland
      born October 1, 1872 Edinburgh, Scotland
      (married Marie Magdelina 'Molly' Schmitz)
      died January 9, 1946 Los Angeles, CA
    2. James Alexander Sutherland
      born May 15, 1875 Ontario, Canada
      (married 1. Lulu Crossen   2. Hallie Knox)
      died May 26, 1944 Santa Cruz, CA
    3. George Hugh Sutherland
      born February 12, 1878 Canada
      (married Jennie Brammer)
      died February 9, 1971 Winslow, AZ
    4. Anna Mae Sutherland
      born November 1, 1882 Bellfontaine, Ont., Canada
      (married 1. Leonard Schaar   2. Harry B. Bennett)
      died October 7, 1972 Winslow, AZ

    1. Harry Frasher Sutherland
      born September 16, 1884 Lancaster, NY
      (married 1. J. Lola Code   2. Pearl Carmon)
      died January 14, 1973 Prescott, AZ
    2. Robert Roy Sutherland
      born November 20, 1887 Buffalo, NY
      (married 1. Elsie Barstow   2. Anne Lorenz)
      died June 28, 1968 Winslow, AZ
    3. Jannie M. Sutherland
      born November 1887 New York
      (married Gus Vaughn)
      died November 16, 1910 Albuquerque, NM
    4. Benjamin Harrison Sutherland
      born August 16, 1890 WV
      (married Mina L. DeHaan)
      died October 9, 1956 Hawthorne, CA

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