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I've traced my Mann family line as far back as Montrose and Arbroath, Scotland.
Beginning with Charles Mann & Mary Taylor

Charles Mann
Born October 1, 1820 in Marykirk, Kincardine Co., Scotland. Made his living as a blacksmith.
He married Mary Taylor November 3, 1850 in Kinneff And Catterline, Kincardine, Scotland.
Together they had 7 children:
  1. Mary Mann
    b. 1853
    (married William Alexander Nairn)
  2. John Mann
    b. March 7, 1855 Montrose, Forfar Co., Scotland
    (married Jane Ann Jolly & moved to Brooklyn, NY, USA)
    * Buried in Arbroath
  3. Alexander Hoskin Mann
    b. July 31, 1857 Montrose, Forfar Co., Scotland
    (worked as a tailor's cutter with brother William in Arbroath)

    (married Betsy Anderson)
  1. William Mann
    b. August 27, 1859 St. Vigeans, Montrose, Scotland
    pictured below with wife Amelia Smith Peters

    son: Henry Mann - pictured below
  2. Ann Elisabeth Mann
    b. October 31, 1862 Arbroath, Forfar, Scotland

  3. Margaret Wallace Mann
    b. October 31, 1864 Arbroath, Forfar, Scotland

  4. James Mann
    b. May 23, 1867 Arbroath, Forfar, Scotland
    (married Ann Jack)

William Mann and wife Amelia Smith Peters
William Mann and wife Amelia Smith Peters
(Photo taken in Arbroath, Angus, Scotland.)

Charles Mann
picture | info.
Andrew Lorimer Mann
- info.
Robert Smith Peters Mann
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Henry Lorimer Mann
pic 1 | pic 2 | info.
William Mann, Jr.
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Stanley Taylor Mann
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(back) William Mann, Sr, Charles Mann, (front) Robert Smith Peters Mann, ???
Henry - front left Agnes - Back second from left
Back left to right:
William Mann Sr, Charles Mann,
Front left to right:
Robert Smith Peters Mann, ???
Back left to right:
Margaret Lennox, Agnes B. Lennox, Annie Mann (wife of Stan), Unknown
Front left to right:
Henry Lorimer Mann, Stanley Taylor Mann
(Photo taken May 2, 1912 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland.)

  1. Charles Mann
    b. May 15, 1880 in St. Vigeans, Montrose, Scotland
    d. November 17, 1963 in Hampton, Middlesex., England
    Married Ada Jane Dundas
    June 7, 1911 at the Imperial Hotel, Arbroath
    Together they had a son:
    1. Charles Alexander Mann
      * CA Mann had 2 daughters

  2. Andrew Lorimer Mann
    b. April 7, 1882 in Arbroath
    d. February 21, 1904 in Arbroath

  3. Robert Smith Peters Mann
    b. March 9, 1884 in Arbroath
    d. Abt. 1941 in Acton, London, England
    Married Elizabeth Walker Wilson
    July 6, 1910 in Millfield house, Inverkeillor, Scotland
    Together they had 2 sons:
    1. Robert Smith Peters Mann II
      - deceased - Auckland, New Zealand
      * RSP Mann had a son and a daughter
    2. Cyril Mann
      - deceased - Lane End, Buckingham, Eng.
      * Cyril had one daughter
Harry Mann age 29
(Photo taken in 1915 in Canada.)

  1. Henry Lorimer Mann
    b. January 17, 1886 in Arbroath, Scotland
    d. September 26, 1916 in "Battle of the Somme"
    - Albert, France
    Agnes Bryden Lennox
    May 2, 1912 in Dunfermline, Scotland
    Departed Glasgow, Scotland May 3, 1912 for Alberta, Canada.
    Together they had a son:
    1. William Adair Lennox Mann

    Henry Mann was killed at The Battle of the Somme
    in France during World War 1. | Grave
  1. William Mann
    b. August 18, 1888 in Arbroath, Scotland
    d. October 9, 1969 in Carlisle, England
    Married Phyllis May Fielden
    July 2, 1919 in Ilkley, Yorkshire, England
    Together they had 3 children
    1. William John Fielden Mann
      - deceased - Carlisle, England
      * WJF Mann had a son
    2. Lewis Stanley Taylor Mann
      * LST Mann had 2 daughters
    3. Phyllis Amelia Mann
      * PA Mann had a daughter

  2. Stanley Taylor Mann
    b. July 15, 1890 in Arbroath, Scotland
    d. July 19, 1965 in Somersham, Cambridge, Eng.
    Married Annie Mary Mitchell or Ramage
    were married October 11, 1922 in Wanlockhead, Scotland
    Together they had a daughter:
    1. Doris Mann - ?
      (married A. W. Pascoe - an American)

    * * looking for "Doris Mann-Pascoe"
    Email me if you know her whereabouts.


Clan Gunn
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