Owen Bryden & Christina Dick

Owen Bryden was born in Riccarton, Ayr, Scotland in 1805.
married Christina Dick in Riccarton, Ayr, Scotland in 1836.
Owen and Christina's known children

  1. James Bryden
  2. Mary Bryden
  3. Christina Bryden

Mary (Bryden) Lennox
Mary Bryden

Mary Bryden

born July 14, 1844 in Kilmarnock, Ayr
married Adam Lennox June 2, 1865 in Broomlands Row, Irvine Co., Scotland.

Together they moved East,
settling in Dunfermline to raise a family.
Mary Lennox died February 11, 1907
in Dunfermline, Fife Co., Scotland.

James Bryden

born October 30, 1837 in Riccarton, Ayr
married Susan Wilson April 22, 1859 in
Dreghorn, Ayr, Scotland.
  1. Elizabeth Bryden
  2. Christina Bryden
  3. Janet Bryden
  4. Jane Bryden
  1. Agnes Bryden
  2. Margaret Bryden
  3. Mary Bryden
  4. Alexander Wilson Bryden

* Thanks to Lesley Bellhouse for info on this Bryden family

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